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The domestic high-power laser high-end product supply is short of import dependence.

The domestic high-power laser high-end product supply is short of import dependence.

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The domestic high-power laser high-end product supply is short of import dependence.


With the rapid development and breakthrough of laser technology, the quality, wavelength range and output power of laser products are improving rapidly, and the products are becoming more and more abundant, involving machinery, automobile, aviation, steel, shipbuilding, electronic manufacturing, military and other industries. High power laser has the advantages of small size, light weight, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, stable performance, high reliability and long life. It has shown its superiority in the field of laser and become the most promising field in the photoelectric industry. 
In terms of market segmentation, fiber lasers are one of the research hotspots in the field of high-power lasers in recent years, especially the development of high-power fiber lasers is more rapid, Q-switching of conventional lasers, Mode-locked techniques have also been introduced into fiber lasers, which not only broaden the research field of fiber lasers, but also promote the development of laser technology. Under the same output power, compared with other lasers, fiber lasers have many advantages, such as simple structure, high conversion efficiency, good beam quality, low maintenance cost, good heat dissipation and so on. The mainstream light source in traditional industrial manufacturing fields, such as welding and marking, and widely used in medical beauty, aerospace and military applications, especially in laser processing and optical communication. It has the tendency to replace the traditional laser gradually. 
Although the threshold of high-power laser technology is relatively high, with the acceleration of the R & D process of high-power laser in China in recent years, together with the support of national policies, the number of domestic high-power laser manufacturers has also increased year by year, at the same time, Many laser companies all over the world gather in China and seize the high power laser market in China. According to the Research report on the Market Monitoring and Future Development of Chinaundefineds High Power Laser Industry from 2019 to 2023, the competitive enterprises in the high power laser market in China are mainly divided into two categories according to the report released by the New thinker Industry Research Center on the market situation of Chinaundefineds high power laser industry from 2019 to 2023. 
One is well-known foreign enterprises: for example, the United States PRC, the United States, IPG, the United States, Coherent, the United States, nLight, Germany, Dilas, Germany, Trumpf and other enterprises, these enterprises entered the market earlier, master the core technology, and the product quality is higher. At present, it occupies a large market share in the world, among which, the United States IPG Company is the worldundefineds largest manufacturer of fiber lasers; Second, domestic manufacturers, including Shenzhen Chuangxin Laser Co., Ltd., Xiundefinedan Huguang Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Ruike Fiber Laser Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Feibo Laser Technology Co., Ltd., and so on. Broke the foreign technology monopoly, realized the import substitution of some middle and low-end products.  
Due to short development time and limited core materials and devices, high power lasers in China are still in the stage of key technology and engineering research and development, researchers said. Although the domestic medium and low power lasers have basically completed the import substitution, the high power laser market is mainly dominated by imported products, and the number of domestic products is scarce. Chinaundefineds high-power laser industrialization still has a long way to go. Local high-power laser enterprises also need to enhance their R & D capability or overseas mergers and acquisitions to further improve the technical level and reduce production costs, so as to gradually achieve import substitution. In order to win long-term competition.   
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